A cap costs (unless your dog’s size differs much from the expected as additional gross head and / or long / strong neck) approximately as shown below. You will get the exact price before I start knitting, but first after I received the measurements of your dog.
Smallscale / hearts / striping will be added to the basic price 25 SEK, 40 SEK on larger models.
Note! Postage and shipping costs are included for packages sent inside Sweden. The rates and prices below are thus inclusive rates. Customers outside Sweden,  will only pay the difference in postage for foreign postage. Basic postage is still free. Price do not include VAT.

Italian greyhound from 175 SEK
whippet from 220 SEK
galgo / saluki or similar size: from 260 SEK

Other breeds
Other breeds price on request and depending on size (a combination of head and neck) but approximate prices are listed below.
prazky krysarik from 140 SEK
small pincher from 180 SEK
medium pincher from 210 SEK
pitbull and amstaff from 285 SEK
ridgeback / dalmatin from 270 SEK
chihuahua from 165 SEK
dachshund from 175 SEK