Stock of colors varies a bit. Please note that your screen can display another shade than the real color.

E.G. a red color can be hard to match with another red color you have in your dog coat. I can’t guarantee that the shade displayed on screen are exact what what you want.

At the moment the below showed colors are available:

When you knit with multi-thread, it automatically forms different patterns and colors in knitting. I charge for a single-color cap. Different colors can be mixed.
Pattern: single-color, stripe (narrow or wide stripes or irregular striping) or patterns in the shape of little hearts or diamond pattern on the front edge.
Smallscale / hearts / striping will be added 25 SEK to the basic price, 40 SEK on larger models. Do not make big hearts or skulls anymore.

Do you wish for a special image / pattern / name, we can see if it is possible.