What do I have to do to order a hat?
You have to answer the four (1-4) presented questions below and send it through the contact form in the menu.

How do I measure and find colors and patterns?
In menu/dog caps you will find everything you need to know.

How do I pay?
You can choose between Paypal or bank account.
After you have provide your e-mail adress, that is connected to your PayPal account, Vinthunden send you an invoice.

Do you ship to my country?
Vinthunden is shipping to all countries.

Shipping costs?
I’ll ship for free if You have a Swedish adress.
If You live outside Sweden, You will pay for the difference for postage between within Sweden and abroad.
The basic shipping cost is still free.

     If the package costs $3 to send in Sweden but $5 to send to you.
     Then you will pay the difference, $2.
     $5 – $3 = $2

1. Measure Your dog
2. Decide which color/colors and if You want to have any pattern. Solid, stripes or small hearts in front.
3. Decide if You want ball or braid.
4. If You want to pay with Paypal please provide your email associated with your PayPal account.