Closed for orders for the year 2012!
January 1, 2013, you can order again.
Those who sent orders are on waiting-list.

We ‘seen’ in 2013!

Closed for ordering until March 1

I will later today close the opportunity for ordering. Right now I have many orders waiting for my knitting needles. Those who have not had time to order will have the possibility again after March 1. Welcome back!

Senare i dag kommer jag att stänga möjligheten för beställning. Just nu har jag många beställningar som väntar på mina stickor. De som inte hunnit beställa denna gång kommer att kunna göra detta igen efter den 1 Mars. Välkommen tillbaka!

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Shipping Costs approximate prices per cap:
$ 4.5 [U.S. Dollar]
€ 3.5 [Euro]
£ 3 [GBP]

Approximately Prices for cap Italian Greyhound (base color without designs)
$ 19.50 [U.S. Dollar]
€ 14.70 [Euro]
£ 12.20 [GBP]

Approximate prices for cap Whippet (one color without pattern)
$ 22.20 [U.S. Dollar]
€ 17 [Euro]
£ 14 [GBP]

Patterns / stripes will cost (additional cost per cap)
$ 3.60 [U.S. Dollar]
€ 2.70 [Euro]
£ 2.30 [GBP]